Research Roundtables

The Institute seeks to foster an intellectual community of scholars who analyze important real estate issues and provide real-world solutions.

To this end, the Institute sponsors Real Estate Research Roundtables, a series of faculty workshop presentations and Q&A sessions on papers and projects related to real estate.  The roundtables are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, with presentations rotating among disciplines on a wide range of topics: 

Spring 2022

March 2022:  Tracy Kijewski-Correa (Engineering & Keough)

February 2022: Davin Raiha (Economics)

Fall 2021

11/11/2021: Stefanos Polyzoides (Architecture)

October 2021:

September 2021:

Spring 2021

05/11/2021: Lakshmi Iyer (Economics), "A Field of Her Own? Property Rights and Women's Agency in Myanmar" 

04/20/2021: Nicole Stelle Garnett (Law) & Fr. Patrick E. Reidy, C.S.C., "Religious Covenants"

Fall 2020

11/13/2020: Ashley P. Thrall (Engineering), "Kinetic Structures: Modular, Rapidly Erectable, and Deployable Structures"  

10/13/2020: James J. Kelly, Jr. (Law), "To Have and To Hold: Residential Landlords’ Discretion to Evict and Tenants’ Option to Remain"

09/10/2020: David Echeverry (Finance), "Adverse Selection in the Mortgage Markets: Fannie Mae Selling Default Risk"

Spring 2020

02/28/2020: David Pirchio & Kevin Walsh (Engineering), "Typological Classification and Rapid Seismic Risk Assessment of Medieval Churches in Italy"

01/31/2020: Rob Collinson (Economics), "The Effects of Evictions on Families"


All of the Institute's Faculty Fellows—as well as other interested faculty and graduate students—are invited to attend.

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