Research Roundtables

The Institute seeks to develop and foster an intellectual community of scholars who seek to analyze and address important social problems. RE Roundtables are a series of workshop presentations on working papers and projects related to real estate—they are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary and presentations rotate among disciplines. 

All Faculty Fellows, other interested faculty, and graduate students are encouraged to attend. Roundtables are generally scheduled on the last Friday of each month during the spring and fall semesters. 


11/13/2020: Ashley P. Thrall (Engineering) "Kinetic Structures: Modular, Rapidly Erectable, and Deployable Structures"  

10/13/2020: James J. Kelly, Jr. (Law) "To Have and To Hold: Residential Landlords’ Discretion to Evict and Tenants’ Option to Remain"

09/10/2020: David Echeverry (Finance) "Adverse Selection in the Mortgage Markets: Fannie Mae Selling Default Risk"

02/28/2020: David Pirchio & Kevin Walsh (Engineering) Presentation on the seismic resilience of Catholic Churches in Italy

01/31/2020: Rob Collinson (Economics) "The Effects of Evictions on Families"