Real estate is fundamental to global prosperity and human flourishing.

Building upon Notre Dame's world-class faculty, global alumni network, and distinctive Catholic mission, the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation of real estate professionals.

We are focused on studying all aspects of real estate, including core areas like investment and development, as well as fundamental questions about how we invest, build, and develop contributes to the common good.

We are committed to an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines theory and practice with ethics; to rigorous research that engages with industry and public policy; and to the idea that real estate involves a call to create places of lasting value.

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Helping the Church with Underutilized Property

FIRE is working to address the real estate challenges and opportunities that the Catholic Church faces in the U.S.

Partnership in Affordable Housing

Notre Dame’s LEO and FIRE have joined forces to focus on moving people out of poverty and homelessness and into permanent, affordable housing.

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Your gift to the Institute can enhance our real estate curriculum, support tangible research, and expand career opportunities for students, to ensure that Notre Dame becomes a global leader in real estate.