The Minor in Real Estate is 15 credits, comprised of an introductory 3-credit course on Real Estate Fundamentals, 9 credits in interdisciplinary electives, and two 1.5-credit colloquia, which offer opportunities for industry engagement and global perspectives on real estate. 

Introductory Course [3 credits]

One required course – Real Estate Fundamentals [FIN 30700/RE 20700] – provides an introduction to the principles and practices of real estate. Topics include land use patterns and regulation, real estate finance, valuation, real estate law, brokerage and transfers, urban economics, and real estate development.

Course # Course Title     Credits
FIN 30700 Real Estate Fundamentals [RE 20700]                                                                                   3

Electives [9 credits]

Students must complete 9 credits, including at least 3 credits in Business and at least 3 credits outside of Business, from the following list of electives:

Course # Course Title     Credits
ACCT 40710 Business Law: Property and Negotiable Instruments   B      P        3
ARCH 40411 Environmental Systems (Department approval required)      P       3
ARCH 40312 Social Factors & Sustainability: Built Environment on Health & Well-Being          3
ARCH 40621 Sustainable Performance in Heritage Architecture           3
ARCH 43201 American Housing & Social Justice (NEW) - Winter Break          2
ARCH 43311 Catholicism and The City (NEW)          3
ARCH 45711 Real Estate Case Studies           3
ARCH 53621 Nature & the Built Environment           3
CE 20700 Sustainable Development in a Changing World          3
CE 20710 Resiliency of Engineering Systems          3
CE 40610 Construction Management           3
CE 34701 Introduction to Asset Management and Life-Cycle Resiliency (Study Abroad- New Zealand)          3
ECON 30532 Economics of Housing           P      3
ECON 40610 Cities and Economic Geography (NEW)      P      3
FIN 20150 Corporate Financial Management (Does not count as a RE elective for Business students)   B        3
FIN 30710 Land Use Policy & Practice   B         3
FIN 37700 Introduction to Real Estate Finance [RE 30740] (For Non-Finance Majors)   B     P      3
FIN 37710 Real Estate Development Practicum   B         1
FIN 40665 Fixed Income Strategies in Bond and Real Estate Markets   B     P      3
FIN 40710 Real Estate Valuation and Investment [RE 30710]   B     P      3
FIN 40720 Real Estate Capital Markets [RE 30730]   B     P      3
RE 30720 Real Estate Development Process [FIN 30720]   *    P      2
RE 30750 Real Estate Private Equity (NEW)   B    P      2
RE 30760 Real Estate Pro Forma I (NEW) - Winter Break   B        1
RE 30770 Introduction to Real Estate Law (NEW)          1
RE 30780 Real Estate Pro Forma II (NEW)   B        1

 [B] = Business course

 [P] = Prerequisite required

 [ *] = Beginning in spring 2021, students may count Real Estate Development Process [RE 30720] as a non-Business elective (for purposes of the RE Minor).  Students enrolled in Real Estate Development Process during or prior to spring 2021 may count this course as a Business elective (for purposes of the RE Minor) if it helps them to satisfy the elective requirements.

Colloquia [3 credits]

Students must complete two 1.5-credit industry-based colloquia to learn about the various fields and professional opportunities within real estate:

Course # Course Title Credits
RE 43100 Real Estate Colloquium: Finance, Investment, and Law       1.5
RE 43200 Real Estate Colloquium: Development, Design, and Construction       1.5

For the most current course offerings, please visit Class Search on InsideND. Real Estate courses are listed under the subject "Real Estate" and approved electives are listed under the "MREL" attribute code. 

Course Sequence

Students are encouraged to begin with the 3-credit introductory course followed by the 9 credits in electives. Courses may be taken in any order to meet the 15-credit requirement. Students who previously completed approved courses may subsequently apply for the Minor and count those courses toward the requirements.

Depending on a student's major, certain electives may be more accessible than others. Some electives have specific prerequisites that are not part of the Minor; therefore, these electives may not be an option for all students. Please note that not every elective is offered each semester or each year, so students should plan accordingly.  It is recommended that students make an effort to take the necessary courses as early as possible in their graduation plan.

Additionally, juniors planning to study abroad need to take the on-campus colloquia classes to complete the Minor. An alternative 3-credit capstone course is being developed; however, there is no definite timeline for when this course will first be offered.

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