New faculty join the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate

The Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate (FIRE) has added nine new University of Notre Dame faculty and staff to their list of faculty fellows and adjunct professors. They join over 50 faculty and staff whose research, teaching, and professional interests intersect with real estate. 

The new FIRE faculty fellows include four recent Notre Dame faculty hires:

  • Luis Fargier-Gabaldón (Ph.D., University of Michigan), Massman-Beavers Associate Professor of the Practice of Heavy Civil Engineering, who has experience designing and participating in the construction of bridges and buildings in South, Central, and North America.
  • Maria Maciá (J.D., Ph.D., University of Chicago), associate professor of law, whose research investigates the effects of law on home mortgage discrimination and lending practices as well as the valuation of property.
  • Evan Mast (Ph.D., Stanford University), assistant professor of economics, whose research focuses on housing markets, place-based policies, and urban economics. 
  • Davin Raiha (Ph.D., Stanford University Graduate School of Business), associate teaching professor of economics, whose research is at the intersection of economics and public policy, with a specific focus on real estate markets, residential housing public policy, and the political economy of commercial real estate.

The Fitzgerald Institute partnered with the Department of Economics to bring Professors Mast and Raiha to Notre Dame due to the generosity of the Sabey Family.

Four industry practitioners — Mike O’Malley of Pennybacker Capital, Rafael Carreira of Riverside Investment and Development, Brian Hammell of Sullivan and Worcester LLP, and John Lloyd of Notre Dame’s Office of General Counsel — have also joined FIRE’s roster as adjunct professors. They are teaching classes on real estate private equity, real estate development, advanced real estate transactions, and real estate law, respectively. In addition, David Murphy, the new program director of FIRE’s church properties initiative, whose work helps parishes understand how their underutilized real estate can be used in innovative ways, will be co-teaching a new course on Church real estate in spring 2022.

“The faculty and staff of the Fitzgerald Institute are essential to supporting our goal of educating and inspiring the next generation of real estate professionals,” said Dan Kelly, faculty director of FIRE and professor of law. “Notre Dame’s world-class faculty, global alumni network, and distinctive Catholic mission are essential to our institute, and we look forward to celebrating the contributions of our new faculty as their scholarship, teaching, and professional expertise expand our research capabilities and classroom offerings for students.”

FIRE supports faculty from multiple Notre Dame colleges and departments who do research in the areas of investment and markets, housing and communities, technology and construction, church properties, and more.

Affiliated faculty members may also teach courses as a part of the Minor in Real Estate, which launched in the fall of 2019 in partnership with the Department of Finance. The goal of the minor is to deliver a real estate education through an interdisciplinary curriculum by leveraging various disciplines, including accounting, architecture, engineering, economics, finance, and law. Currently over 290 undergraduate students from two dozen majors are enrolled in the minor. 

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FIRE, which is part of Notre Dame Research, is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation of real estate professionals and is focused on studying many aspects of real estate — including core areas like investment and development — as well as fundamental questions about how people invest, build, and develop contributes to the common good. FIRE builds upon the University of Notre Dame's world-class faculty, global alumni network, and distinctive Catholic mission in order to create places of lasting value. To learn more, please visit


Brandi Wampler / Research Communications Specialist

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