Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate Launches New Website for Church Properties Initiative

Web Site Screenshot

The Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate (FIRE) at the University of Notre Dame proudly announces the launch of a new website dedicated to the Church Properties Initiative (CPI). The new standalone website provides a robust platform for CPI to share its work of leveraging data-informed research and fostering capacity-building in areas such as sustainable development, land use, finance, planning, and governance.

The newly unveiled platform reflects a significant stride in the Institute's mission to transform church properties from liabilities into valuable assets, ensuring a renewed and impactful presence in an ever-changing world. The website, accessible at, boasts a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy access to comprehensive information about the initiative's research, educational programs, and upcoming events.

Key Features of the Church Properties Initiative Website:


One of the notable aspects of the initiative is its engagement with students from every college on the Notre Dame campus. Through classes, workshops, and funded research opportunities, the Church Properties Initiative aims to educate and empower the next generation of leaders.


The website invites visitors to explore in-depth studies on sustainable development and effective stewardship of church properties. The initiative is committed to providing valuable insights and knowledge that can drive positive change in the management of church-owned real estate.


Discover the current projects, resources, and the real-world impact of the Church Properties Initiative. The platform showcases success stories and highlights the transformative effect of the initiative on church properties and the communities they serve.

News and Events

Stay updated on the latest happenings and upcoming events related to the Church Properties Initiative. From seminars to conferences, the website serves as a central hub for information on opportunities to engage with and contribute to the initiative's mission.

The Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate extends a warm invitation to individuals and organizations interested in church property stewardship to explore the wealth of resources available on the new website.