A Church Properties Initiative Case Study: Mission of Mary Cooperative

Group of people at the Mission of Mary Cooperative

The Notre Dame’s Church Properties Initiative, a project led by the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate, has recently released a new case study. This study highlights a property redevelopment endeavor, inspired by Catholic faith, that has transformed an urban landscape and revitalized a community.

The story begins with a backyard garden tended by Catholic laypeople in Dayton, Ohio. Fueled by faith and determination, the Mission of Mary Cooperative (MMC) has evolved into a nonprofit urban farm and education program, showcasing a viable, mission-aligned use of formerly underused property.

MMC faced significant challenges along its journey. From navigating land acquisition hurdles and zoning regulations to fostering community engagement, the journey was difficult.

Today, MMC stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. On four acres of formerly vacant urban land, the cooperative cultivates fresh produce and educates the community. MMC’s annual yield of 65,000 pounds of food not only nourishes bodies but also nourishes spirits.

Download the full case study here.