Church Property & The New Evangelization (Conference)

As the world’s oldest and largest non-profit entity, the Catholic Church's mission to bring the Gospel in word and deed to all people generates faith in action: intrepid nuns found hospitals and build schools, rural parish food pantries feed remote populations, inner city homeless shelters open their doors to all, universities form students' hearts and minds, and all around the world in churches big and small, parishes provide spiritual nourishment through prayer and the sacraments. 

But these various ministries require something in common: a physical place. The Catholic Church's Gospel-driven mission has propelled it to accidentally become the largest non-state landowner in the world. 

While there are challenges that stem from no centralized database or Vatican office to help the various facets of the Church deal with property issues, there is also great opportunity. For two millenia, the Church has responded to the challenges of the time through its physical presence - real estate - and there is great hope for the Church to innovate and use its property in response to today's issues. 

Join us April 28-30 in Rome as we host experts in the field who are working on the ground to reimagine and revitalize Church properties in a way that better serves our apostolic and evangelical needs, while providing much-needed revenue for the Church — and  to use those savings (and earnings!) in support of their critical ministries.

Co-hosted by the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate and the Global Institute of Church Management, the 2022 Real Estate and the New Evangelization Conference hosts experts in finance, real estate, theology, and more including: 


  • His Eminence Cardinal George Pell
  • Carlo Dalla Vedova, Canon & Civil Lawyer, expert in properties belonging to religious communities and congregations
  • Dan Kelly, Law Professor and Director of the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate, University of Notre Dame (USA)
  • Ward Fitzgerald, Partner and Head of EQT Exeter
  • Scott Johnson, FAIA, Architect
  • Jennifer Morel, Theologian
  • Fr. Mike Samaniego, COO, Archdiocese of Lipa, Philippines.
  • Sophie Janssens, Community of Sant’Egidio
  • Fr. John Puodziunas, OFM – Economo General of Franciscans, Italy
  • Rob Neal, Real Estate Developer
  • David Murphy, Director of Church Properties Project, Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate, University of Notre Dame (USA).
  • Pia de Solenni, President and Executive Director, Global Institute of Church Management
  • Clint Weber, President and CEO of the Diocese of Ft Worth Advancement Foundation


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