Conference: Real Estate Finance & Housing Economics

Join a Roundtable discussion on Real Estate Finance & Housing Economics, hosted by the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate on May 23-24, 2019.

Speakers and discussants include:

  • Manuel Adelino (Duke University)
  • Gene Amromin (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
  • Gadi Barlevy (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
  • Morris A. Davis (Rutgers University)
  • David Echeverry (University of Notre Dame)
  • William N. Evans (University of Notre Dame)
  • Christopher L. Foote (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
  • Jessie Handbury (University of Pennsylvania—Wharton)
  • Daniel Hartley (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
  • Aaron Hedlund (University of Missouri)
  • David Hutchison (University of Notre Dame)
  • Sasha Indarte (Northwestern/Duke University)
  • Stephen Livaditis (Eastdil Secured)
  • Gonzalo Maturana (Emory University)
  • Charles G. Nathanson (Northwestern University)
  • Joseph L. Pagliari, Jr. (University of Chicago)
  • Christopher J. Palmer (MIT)
  • Jacob Sagi (University of North Carolina)
  • Jung Sakong (University of Chicago)
  • Anthony B. Sanders (George Mason University)
  • Paul Schultz (University of Notre Dame)
  • Paul Willen (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
  • Abigail Wozniak (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)